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A dog is a loyal companion, a best friend; better yet, they are a part of our family. Just like a child, they love us unconditionally. They can be needy and a lot to handle at times, on top of that, a lot of work. Everyone has had days when they are just stressed out, anxious, upset, depressed, emotional or simply just having a bad day.  Although your dog may not completely comprehend or understand what you are going through– they definitely know that something is wrong. They may not be able to put themselves in your shoes, but can feel the electrical energy that you give off as they read and engage in your 'Nonverbal Communication.' That being said, as dog parents, it is our job to understand, identify, and read theirs.


It's sad to say that sometimes people in today's society ‘Just Don't Think, Before They Speak.’ Unfortunately enough, many dogs ‘Don't Think Before, They Act.’ What if I told you that dogs, as we know them, have never truly had the ability to reach their fullest potential? Some dog owners may think that they have the smartest dog in the world, while others just simply accept their dog for who they are. Unfortunately, some owners may feel that their dog is dumb, untrainable, or broken.


At the end of the day, the cause of many health problems stems from a dog’s digestive system and not having the ability to breakdown and uptake the essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients from their feed that are vital to achieve optimal nutrition. Unfortunately, this can cause a canine to become either ‘Electrically’ or ‘Chemically’ imbalanced. The outcome of this will not only impact a dog’s overall health, but their cognitive and emotional functions as well–  not allowing a canine to thrive and survive to their reach fullest potential.



The Dog Food Manufacturer? The Pet Store? The Dog? Or Ourselves As Pet Owners?


Apart from exercise and a dog’s mental health, diet is the biggest contributor to an animal’s overall wellbeing. It's a statistical fact that just like humans, seventy percent of a canine’s overall health is based upon their digestive system. Studies have shown that, on average, a canine only has the natural ability to breakdown and uptake a third of the nutrients promised on a dog food label– dry, wet, or raw feed. In most cases, when it comes to purchasing dog food, many people think that the more money you pay, the higher the nutritional quality. However, that is not always the case as having a higher price does not guarantee a more nutritious product.


Reading, researching, and educating ourselves on how to read a label, it’s ingredients, and how it’s processed is vital for your dog’s overall health. We need to stop falling for all of the marketing schemes and firmly understand that many dog foods and treats on the market can be full of fillers, by-products or potential allergens, GMOs, chemical flavors and aromas, food coloring, or other additives that can be toxic or hazardous and have little or no nutritional value– thus causing our dog’s to fall out of balance. When a canine becomes electrically or chemically imbalanced, it generates even bigger problems that lead to digestive issues, a low immune system, food sensitivities or allergies, nutritional or weight issues, skin conditions, unhealthy cellular activity, and a variety of other health issues– which can include emotional and physiological stress factors.


Do you realize that as our world evolves and that as time goes on, more and more health issues keep arising? So what do we do? Is there a quick fix to these problems/issues? How can we prevent these issues from happening to our pets? What is the grassroot of these common health problems? Who do we turn to for help? Simply put, her name is ‘Mother Nature.’


With alternative, holistic medicine vastly evolving, we're liable for educating ourselves on how and why these new discoveries can open up the doors to providing ‘A New Voice, New Idea, & A New Direction’ for a pet’s overall health. Most of the time, we underestimate our dogs’ capabilities. It’s just like how we underestimate the power of Mother Nature and all that she has to offer. What if I told you that ‘The Answer’ to many of the problems our dogs experience, already exists right in front of us. We may not be able to touch it. We may not be able to see it. But at the end of the day, it doesn't mean that it’s not there. Almost everything that nature has to offer in life was put here for a reason– each thing having its own job function and purpose. It's our job to educate ourselves on how to use it and take full advantage of all it has to offer. It’s not about the quick fix (most of the time turning to ’chemical’ and ‘artificial sources), which can cause long-term consequences. It’s about finding a safe, effective way to assist with solving current health problems, while preventing future health issues from arising.


We are manufacturing and providing commercial feed for animals that include ingredients not naturally available to canines. Therefore, it’s our job to provide additional natural sources of probiotics and their enzymes to supplement a canine’s daily feeding program to assist and help in making those nutrients easily available. We must remember that the most stressful activity of any animal, including humans is the digestion and assimilation of food.


Harness the power of Mother Nature, by offering your dog a daily probiotic and enzyme additive, which may be your best answer to protecting and nourishing your furry friend. It’s can be the ultimate key to guiding your dog in the right direction to cultivate, support, and accomplish enhanced nutrition, maintain healthy digestion, boost the immune system, strengthen cognitive and emotional function, and improve good health for our dog's overall well-being.

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