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We have been using PRO-BARK-OTIC for 18 days now. I've noticed my girls are noticeably less gassy. We have a Boston terrier and a Pitbull, two breeds known for being able to clear a room with their farts. Before we started using it we were having trouble with their anal glands due to poop not always being solid. Happy to report nothing but solid poops lately. This is a great dog supplement and we're glad we stumbled across it and tried it. We reached out to the owner to ask questions before we made our purchase and he was super helpful and got back to us quickly.

-Kate & The Girls

Pixel has been on PRO-BARK-OTIC for a few months now after almost two years of chronic loose stool- we identified part of the problem as a vitamin deficiency but she still had lingering issues on occasion. Very recently, Pixel ate some toxic mushrooms and was hospitalized for a few days. We've been using PRO-BARK-OTIC and she's not having stomach upset from the illness or the antibiotics and her stool is becoming firm quicker than the vet expected.


Pixel & Jenna

My dog, Sammie, is 13 years old.  He needs to take four pills twice a day for his heart condition.  He is a very picky eater. One day he likes one thing and the next day he won't even taste it.  I have a hard time hiding his pills in his food, but it is the only way to get him to take his pills.  He likes cheese, but I don't want to overload him with cheese.  Sometimes it's just impossible to get him to eat healthy, so I have been giving him PRO-BARK-OTIC once daily.  It is so easy to give him the much-needed probiotics directly over his food with just a simple shake.  He never even notices it on his food. His stomach issues from his medications have cleared up since using the PRO-BARK-OTIC.  We are both very happy and have just placed a new order! 

Thank You,

Carol, Logan & Sammie

I am so impressed with this product! Before using PRO-BARK-OTIC, Stumpy had soft, mushy stools even though he is on a good diet. After less than a week adding this to his morning meal, his stools have been consistently solid, formed, and he's had to go less! I recommend this to all my training clients and will continue to do so! Keep up the GREAT work!

Donna Fournier & Stumpy

Certified Trainer, CGC Evaluator

My dog Saphira is a 7 and a half-year-old Siberian Husky. We've struggled off and on with runny poops and mud-pies since I adopted her. We've been using PRO-BARK-OTIC since last summer and she has had nothing but regular, perfect poops since!

Barks & Kisses,

Mandy & Saphira

Suki Lu was found on the streets of Detroit in January. She was starving to death and had whipworms, giardia and a bladder infection and she was in heat!

After being medicated for all her problems, she had really bad diarrhea and the doctors weren't sure all the worms were gone, so I started using PRO-BARK-OTIC, one shake two times a day. Her stools got much better and firmer within a day or two! Suki Lu is now looking like a real beauty and she will soon be up for adoption! 

Thank you Michael & the PRO-PET-OTIC Family,

-BJ Matson & Suki Lu

Ms. Nina is a Rescue who came to me when she was 11 weeks old (She's 8-1/2 now!) She has had some stomach issues since she was a baby. We have tried several probiotics and other remedies over the years.


We started PRO-BARK-OTIC just about ten days ago and Nina hasn't thrown up once, and her other issues (#2) are actually normal for a change! I not only love that this product is locally made but love it even more since it’s helping my girl feel good! Definitely going to be in our cupboard at all times!

-Samantha & Nina

PRO-BARK-OTIC has greatly helped both of my dog's. When it came to my collie buddy, I've noticed less shedding, itchiness, licking of the paws and his coat has a beautiful shimmer with a silky softness.


My Frenchy Tate constantly had horrible diarrhea and since I've put him on PRO-BARK-OTIC, his stool has become firmer and less frequent than before!

I just love this product! 

Colleen, Tate & Buddy

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